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For more than 40 years we at Epic Homes have been committed to setting the standard of excellence in our industry. Traditions and values have passed trough generations insuring that the customer be provided the most gratifying home buying experience. Our attention to detail and constant stewardship of our product is our highest principle. We pride ourselves on working one on one with the customer to deliver a home that exceeds all expectations. We are dedicated to delivering with each home we create a level quality and craftsmanship that is truly "beyond the ordinary."

Continuing the tradition of excellence set forth by the founder of Epic Homes Nicholas A. Dalba Sr. owner Paul J. Dalba has devoted himself to the hands on creation of each home we build. At the onset of the building process, the customer will notice that we focus on unrivaled personal attention. Our sales director Kelli McDaniel utilizes knowledge and experience to guide our customers through each and every step of the building process. During this process Kelli McDaniel and Paul Dalba are always available to assist our customers with each item of their dream home. Vitally important to all day to day operations is longtime office manager Barbara Burton.

Home building is our passion and we love what we do. We look forward to creating your dream home.

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